Devon bans camping holidays after antisocial behavior – ‘blighted with rubbish’

Devon’s protected moorland is known for its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife, including wild ponies (otters), bat species, and wild ponies. Because it has many activities, Dartmoor National Park is a popular spot for hikers, mountain bikesrs, and families.

Dartmoor, the national park that allows backpack camping is currently the only one.

Wild camping, or backpacking, is where people carry their gear on their backs and camp for two nights.

Wild camping can only be done if the camper is able to carry all their gear in their backpack, and if they use small tents that fit into the natural landscape.

Staycationers can wild camp in designated Dartmoor areas, away from people and traffic.

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Antisocial behavior is on the rise as visitor numbers increase in national parks. This includes wild campers.

Park staff had to deal with illegal campervans.

In summer 2020, large groups of people gathered on Dartmoor. This led to the habitat becoming spoiled.

Visitors were barred from Wistman’s Wood in July because they had hacked away ancient bark and left lots of litter.


The litter found at the beauty spot included contraceptives and glass bottles as well as discarded cigarettes.

MoleytheMole posted this picture on Twitter. It shows a wild pony eating litter near its mouth. The caption read: “Abandoned picnic trash is common in areas within walking distance of the parking lot.” ”

Dartmoor is permitted for wild camping, provided that campers follow a “leave nothing trace” policy.

Dartmoor National Park website says: “If your concern is about taking out rubbish, or need to use a bin/toilet-then you’re not for this-use a campground.”

Wild campers should also be out of view so other people have a clear view of the moors and not see tents.

Dartmoor stated that after the situation became more violent, it would be reviewing all existing byelaws and allowing wild camping.

Current byelaws date back to 1982 and restrict vehicles, dogs, and feeding animals.

Smoking and barbecuing could set off wildfires which would cause severe damage to the area.

Most wild Dartmoor ponies are not to be handled.

Dartmoor National Park stated that the byelaws should be revised to meet modern requirements and better understand public opinion

Alison Kohler is Dartmoor’s director for conservation and communities. She said that she was doing it to make sure the bylaws were fit for purpose, and to help preserve the national park so everyone can enjoy it today and tomorrow.

We recognize that everyone cares about Dartmoor, whether they are landowners or commoners, residents, business owners, visitors or businesses, so updating the bylaws will be a major topic.

The public will have six weeks to review the antisocial behavior and existing byelaws starting September 20, 2010.

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