EE addresses a major problem with new iPhones and Android phones

The latest smartphones by Apple, Samsung and OnePlus all feature 5G technology. The latest network upgrade can beam downloads at speeds of more than 300Mbps to devices – which is five times faster that the UK’s average fixed-line broadband.

5G will be the next generation of smartphones and EE hopes to improve its coverage with a 700MHz band. The upgrade will strengthen the signal and provide better connectivity for customers who use their phones indoors.

EE explains that 700MHz is a new frequency for 5G service in the UK, but is used regularly in Europe. It is also supported by key customers handsets such as the iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy S21. This will allow for greater coverage of 5G, indoors and overall better performance.

This update is important because many people still work from home. It should make your new phone just as useful in your home office as on your commute.

EE confirmed that this service would be available in Redditch and Morecambe, as well as Cramlington.

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The idea is that more regions will be added in the future.

David Salam (Director of Mobile, EE) spoke about the changes and said that “As Britain’s top network, we continue looking for ways to offer our customers the best 5G service.” We are maximizing indoor coverage for 5G, which allows people with new smartphones to enjoy the best possible experience in the UK.

Apple just launched its 5G-ready iPhone 13 range. This news is a sign of the change.

These new flagship phones, which include the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and Pro Max models were unveiled by the company.

You get a better camera, which now includes a Cinematic Mode to create Hollywood-style movies.

The Pro model will offer a superior display with a 120Hz refresh rate that allows for smooth scrolling.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 range can be made starting Friday, with prices remaining unchanged from last year.

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