Elvis Presley promised Priscilla and her parents that he would get her into a home with him.

Priscilla, who was finishing her last years at school, wanted to continue her education in Memphis.

It was difficult for Priscilla and her parents to understand this.

The King was not going to accept that. The King persuaded his parents to let Priscilla live in Graceland with Vernon Presley, even if she wanted to go with him.

Vernon had remarried after the death of Gladys his wife. This would have meant that Priscilla had two adult guardians at her disposal.

Priscilla and Elvis moved in together in March 1963 just a few more months.

Elvis began his film career completely after that. After filming a few pictures, he was enamored by Ann-Margret, a Swedish star.

However, Elvis and Priscilla were engaged in 1966 winter, but they married on May 1, 1967.

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