Hell Let Loose PS5 Beta Release Time: Call of Duty Vanguard beta is not the only one this weekend

Open beta for Hell Let Loose, a WWII first-person shooter is available this week.

Hell Let Loose, described as a “hardcore World War II shooter”, is a multiplayer 50-50 shooter with nine maps.

Hell Let Loose, an online game that was released to very positive reviews on Steam in early this year.

Although the multiplayer shooter will be released on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, it is available for download October 5. However, PS5 owners can still play it earlier.

The Hell Let Loose beta is exclusive to PS5 and runs September 16 through September 20. Fans have plenty of time for the game to be enjoyed.

The Hell Let Loose Beta can be played starting at 11am BST UK Time. You don’t have to pre-order it.

Playstation 5 players prepare for battle! Official tweet. Tomorrow is the launch of “The Hell Let Loose PS5 open beta!” Sep 16th-20th. 10 am UTC – 10:30am UTC “No codes required.”

Hell Let Loose is launching the beta on the same date as Call of Duty Vanguard beta.

Fans can play both games without the need to pre-order.

The official description reads, “Join Hell Let Loose, an ever-expanding World War Two first-person shooter featuring epic battles between 100 players using infantry, tanks and artillery. It features a dynamically shifting frontline, unique resource-based RTS-inspired metagame, and an unparalleled resource-based RTS-inspired game-play.”

“Fight in some of the greatest battles on the Western Front including Omaha Beach, Foy, Carentan and Omaha Beach.

This is battle at a new level …. where lumbering tanks dominate the battlefield and crucial supply chains fuel the frontlines. You are an integral part of the massive, combined arms war machine.

“Hell Let Loose” puts you into the chaos of war with player-controlled vehicles and a dynamically changing front line. It also features unit-focused gameplay which commands the tides of battle.

The game’s nine maps were created using images from satellite data, real world research and.

Battlefields can be divided into different capture areas, providing new gameplay possibilities.

Armies receive a valuable resource if they capture a sector.

The battlefield features more than nine maps that are based on satellite images and reconnaissance imagery. This allows for an emergent, constantly new gameplay. Two forces of fifty can fight it out across forests and fields.

When a sector has been captured it generates one of three resources that your team can use. This creates a complicated meta-game which will impact your team’s progress to victory. ”

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