James Bond casting director for next 007 actor


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McWilliams stated in an interview that he was looking for someone who could hold his own and who can be attractive, physically, and capable of taking on the role with all its razzmatazz.

It’s a difficult role and can be passed on to others long after the actor has finished. However, I don’t think that it is as defining today.

She continued to talk about the role of actors’ characters’ legacy and said: “I think some people got very stuck with it, while others have managed.

Particularly when they choose good projects that aren’t Bond. They’re seen more as a good actor than James Bond. (Via Entertainment Weekly)

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McWilliams said: “It is a committee decision among the producers, studio and director, but it’s often very much down the Broccoli family. They are pretty much in charge.”

Barbara Broccoli is the Bond chief, the daughter of Cubby Broccoli. She has been responsible for the Bond franchise since its inception.

McWilliams continued: “But they have never cast anyone who the studio didn’t absolutely want to cast.” We can’t say that it happens in a day.

Craig is now reflecting back on his years as Bond, and all five of the films in which he starred.

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