Lisa Marie Presley was weighed down by Elvis’ legacy when she made her ‘cathartic” debut album


Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley was only 9 years old when her debut album To Whom it May Concern, debuted in 2003. It was released 26 years after the death of The King, when Lisa Marie Presley was only nine. The album’s debut single, Lights Out, reflected Lisa Marie’s childhood as Elvis’ child. The lyrics also mentioned Graceland’s Meditation Garden, where The King and his relatives are buried.

Lights Out was written by Glen Ballard (songwriter, lyricist, and music producer), who had previously collaborated with Lisa Marie on Thriller, and other albums. spoke exclusively to him about his memories writing music for To Whom It May concern with Elvis’s daughter.

According to the 68-year old, “She was actually signed to my label Java Records via Capitol.

“We had that song…which I believe is always going to been associated with her. Just about the overwhelming burden being Elvis’s daughter.”

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Ballard denied that there were any connections between working with Jackson and recording with Lisa Marie.

According to the 68-year old, “It was strange that I had the opportunity to work alongside both of them separately.”

After having had so many wonderful people in my life, nothing surprises me. It’s amazing how this happens, but it’s something I am grateful for.

Back to the Future the Musical was promoted by Ballard, who wrote the lyrics and music with Alan Silvestri, the movie’s main composer.

Ballard stated that the musical is time-travelling and could be made into a musical in two acts because it takes place between the 1980s and the 1950s. We were able to get the flavors of both periods’ music from a musician’s perspective.

He also said that the Back to the Future theme song would be featured in the series. He said, “We are using it extensively throughout because whenever you hear a note from his score, you’re back at Hill Valley. We already own a time machine. It’s named Alan Silvestri’s Score.

We just interwoven it with new songs, and used it in the most beautiful and strategic way possible. It was not something we wanted to move around. They should be firmly rooted in their place. It was a present for us.

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