National Grid Site bursts into flames, igniting massive fire that prompted mass evacuation

Last night, the fire broke out at Sellindge’s Interconnexion France -Angleterre interconnector site. Kent Fire and Rescue Service crews are present.

Twelve fire engines, as well as other special vehicles, were responding to the call in Ashford, Kent, at the height of the fire.

Ten teams are still at the fire scene, and both a height vehicle (and bulk water carrier) and a height vehicle (both in attendance) remain.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: “Progress has been made. However, firefighters will be present for some hours.

Residents may notice a drop in their water pressure due to firefighting activities.

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The National Grid also has data that shows the flow of a 2,000-megawatt IFA-1 cable into the site. These flows were stopped overnight.

Folkestone is the landing place for the submarine cable connecting France and the UK. Underground cables are connected to the Sellindge converter station, then to the UK’s transmission stations.

This outage occurs at a time when UK power prices continue to rise amid strong demand, global shortages of gas supplies, and low wind production.

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