Piers Morgan would like to say thanks to Meghan Markle in the midst of feud: “She’s been fantastic for my career.”

Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/piers-morgan” target=”_blank”>Piers Morgan, 56, appeared at today’s TRIC Awards where he walked off with the gong for Best News Presenter. He spoke to Express.co.uk while on the red carpet and expressed his thoughts about Meghan Markle’s reaction.

Piers is a passionate critic of the actions of Duchess Sussex and has expressed his love for her.

The broadcaster could not help but make fun of the queen, as he was awarded the Best News Presenter award earlier in the evening.

Piers said he didn’t care what Meghan thinks about his nomination.

When asked about his wife, he replied: “I mean who cares?”

Link” data-name=”Lewis Hamilton mocked over head-turning net skirt on his suit” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1491501/Lewis-Hamilton-mocked-Met-Gala-2021-outfit-dress-getting-married-F1-news-latest-update” target=”_blank”>Lewis Hamilton mocked over head-turning net skirt on his suit

According to the broadcasting company, he didn’t break any standards by his remarks about Duchess Sussex.

Ofcom stated that ITV “provided sufficient protection for viewers against potentially harmful and highly offensive comments about suicide and mental health”.

Piers was allowed to express his opinions on the show, as well.

Piers, who won the award for Good Morning Britain earlier in the evening, invited Susanna Reid (his former Good Morning Britain host) to join him on the stage and share the honor.

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