“PS500 per night in the Lakes”: Britons are frustrated by holiday price hikes – they’re ‘ripped off!

Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/staycation” target=”_blank”>UK holidays were incredibly popular this year, with most Britons staying in the country over the summer. Many enjoyed the trip, and many were pleased to return. However, there was some dissatisfaction.

She was referring to the ongoing Twitter debate about what a “staycation” actually is.

For her it was staying home, and not moving.

5thAbout user said that he was being ripped off. A night at the Lakes .”

Stephen Tricker said: “Yes, I will get booster jab because it is my desire to travel again.” I don’t think UK holidays are worth it .”

Wayne Ellis tried, however to determine the reason behind the high price for a UK vacation.


He stated: “It has been incredibly well documented, that the cost for UK holidays have risen enormously due to so much demand from people taking holiday in this country.”

Craig was not averse to people complaining.

He said: “I believe that people who complain that UK holidays cost more than other holidays have failed to plan, booked too late or had no idea and booked in the same places everyone else has booked – or they just stay in poor places when traveling abroad.”

Britons were not just concerned about the cost of living.

Apart from the weather and prices, Covid safety rules and the pandemic were another point of contention among Britons staying at home.

Kevin Pascoe wrote, “Our first day in England on vacation yesterday was a complete shock without any COVID19 precautions-no masks. No social distancing. And no sanitising.

“Genuinely, very troubling. We are fortunate to have our own flat, ironically located 200 meters from the COVID testing center span>

Michelle Wales responded: “Drove in Scotland with sensible Covid restrictions such as Wales. It was surreal driving between England, Wales and Scotland. These people don’t wear masks. It’s England …”

Catherine Walsh was worried about the future.

She said, “Many ordinary UK children and families have been mixing uncontrolled all summer. UK holiday parks rammed full. All activities .”

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