SpaceX Inspiration4: How can you watch it launch?

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center will host the first private, civil mission into orbit.

The historic Inspiration4 flight is being prepared by the SpaceX team at Launch Complex 39A NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the Florida Coast. This will be the first private, civil spaceflight to orbit. Although none of the four astronauts on board are professionals, they have all trained hard for this mission. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon craft previously transported NASA astronauts to as well as from to the International Space Station. However, everyone on this flight is travelling with Isaacman, the billionaire CEO at Shift4Payments. He paid for four of the seats, and also played part in choosing the passengers via a series contests. You can find more information about the mission and selection process here.

A five hour launch window for the Inspiration4 crew opens Wednesday at 8:02 PM Eastern. The team will launch on their Falcon 9 rocket and their capsule will reach orbit in just eight minutes. If all goes well, they will fly into space. The team will fly six times faster than Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos during earlier space jaunts. They also stay in orbit for about three days.

The Dragon spacecraft will begin its descent toward Earth on Saturday night. It will splash down at one or more landing spots off Florida’s coast. A SpaceX team will then be there to assist the astronauts.

What to Watch

SpaceX will broadcast the launch live on the web at approximately 4pm Eastern Time, Wednesday September 15th. This is four hours ahead of launch window opening. SpaceX will feature preview footage that includes crew members and the lead up to launch. You can watch it on YouTube , or at the SpaceX website.

A recent upgrade of weather forecasts from 70% to 90% favorable has made it more likely that a launch will be possible tonight. They’ll attempt tomorrow if tonight’s launch fails. The backup launch window for five hours will begin Thursday September 16th at 8:05 Eastern.

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