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Take a look at the incredible speakers who will be joining us for Extra Cru… TechCrunch Live?

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This has been an Extra Crunch Summer. It’s been a great summer. We have heard about how to create a pitch deck that focuses on the key thing that attracts investors and how Retail Zipline’s Melissa Wong’s industry experience helped her raise Series A. This is just the tip.

In our Summer Episodes of Extra Crunch Live: Startup Alley Edition, we also got a peek at Disrupt Startup Alley businesses.

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There’s even more to this story. You can check out these amazing speakers who will be joining us for the next Extra Crunch Live episodes.

We’re also changing our name. TechCrunch Live will now be the name of ECL. This is why we decided that everyone should have the opportunity to hang out with TechCrunch. To learn about the process of a deal, we interview the founders of startups and their investors. We also have people in the audience who pitch the deals to receive the experts’ feedback. This should benefit everyone.

TechCrunch Live is the new name for the series. The live event was not an EC perk in a while. The live part of TechCrunch Live is available for free after registration. However, TechCrunch Live’s video replays will be subject to a paywall.

Let me do it again.

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These are the speakers who will be joining TechCrunch Live October.

Nicole Quinn (Lightspeed Venture Partners) + Vlad Novakovski (Lunchclub)

October 6 at 3pm ET/12pm PST

Lightspeed’s partner Nicole Quinn has been helping startups to reach their intended audiences through digital platforms all her life. She has worked with Cameo and Zola as well as Goop, Calm, Calm, Calm, and Haus Laboratories. Listen to Quinn and Vlad Novakovski, founder of Lunchclub, discuss how they met and their thoughts on the startup’s Series B. Also get their input about your startup’s elevator pitch.


Credits to Lightspeed Venture Partners/ Lunchclub

Shawn Carolan, Menlo Ventures + Chris Britt, Chime

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October 13, 2013 – 3:00 ET/12:00 PT

Chris Britt is the CEO of Chime. The company has been valued at $25 billion. Hear Britt and Shawn Carolan (Menlo Ventures Partner) discuss how their company received its initial funding, and how they have managed growth. Britt and Carolan will hear pitches live from the crowd and provide feedback.


Image Credits: Menlo Ventures / Chime

Mark Goldberg (Index) + Jessica McKellar (Pilot)

Oct 20 at 3pm ET/12pm PST

Pilot by Jessica McKellar has taken an outdated business (taxes and bookkeeping) and made it modern. It made the process simple with software. The company has raised more than $160million in funding. Index was the leader of both company’s A- and B rounds. TCL will show Mark Goldberg and McKeller explaining why Index doubled down. They’ll also give feedback from the audience on pitch submissions.


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