The most bizarre things Brits do when they go to the bathroom, including having breakfast in there

55 percent of people take a longer bath than usual to allow them to have more time for themselves. Another one-sixth has been known to get a positive pep talk from the toilet.

Other things Brits do in the toilet include sex, drinking beer and writing to-do list.

It was also revealed that 82 percent of respondents are very particular when it comes time to using the bathroom. 67 percent believe that it is best to make the toilet paper fall “over” the remaining roll in order to conceal it.

74% of respondents must shower the same way, with face washing first followed by hair and arms.

B&Q’s spokesperson said that the bathroom was more than a room with taps and showers.

It’s the place we go to when we are ourselves.

We help customers create perfect spaces. With everything under one roof, and our showroom team ready to assist, we want Brits be able to design the perfect space for them.

A further 38 percent of respondents claimed to be able to think up the best ways to use a bath or shower.

A third of respondents also confessed to using the toilet for something other than eating and sleeping.

A majority of people would describe their bathroom as the heart and soul of the house. However, more than half don’t love the decor.

Accordingly, 37% of respondents plan to renovate it.

One in five respondents wanted to change the tiles and make the space larger.

Toilets with leaking taps, toilets that aren’t flushing properly and toilets running low on loo roll were the most irritating aspects of modern bathrooms.


  1. Get Cried
  2. You can read a book
  3. Sex was a pleasure
  4. To avoid being hounded by people, go there
  5. Try on brand new clothing/shoes
  6. Phoned friends/loved one
  7. Wash the dog
  8. You can fall asleep in your bath
  9. Enjoy a cup tea
  10. Hang the laundry to dry
  11. Sang in the mirror
  12. Give yourself a positive pep talk
  13. Online games
  14. Their toenails were painted
  15. Work emails answered
  16. A TV Show Streamed in the Bath
  17. The weekly grocery shop was planned
  18. Video games played
  19. Written to-do lists
  20. Observed the news
  21. You could play games on the toilet, such as throwing your toilet roll in a trash can.
  22. Photos taken or edited
  23. Imagine a mirror scene.
  24. A dance
  25. Enjoyed a beer
  26. Watch a streaming TV program on the loo
  27. Exercise
  28. You have practiced speaking
  29. A night on the ground
  30. To see the whole ensemble/shoes, stand on one side of the toilet or bath.
  31. A business idea?
  32. Phoned their boss and answered the call
  33. You fell asleep in the loo
  34. Do some laundry
  35. Mirror – Reenact a portion of your day
  36. Send a message to a dating app
  37. Give houseplants “spa days”
  38. Make a video conference call to the loo
  39. Make a video conference in the bathtub
  40. Drawn or painted something

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