Twisted Metal TV adaption casts Anthony Mackie in John Doe

An “intelligent milkman”, without any memory of his past.

Anthony Mackie will reportedly star in Twisted Metal’s live action TV series as Jon Doe.

Initial plans for a TV series on Twisted Metal were supported by 2019, however, production didn’t seem to pick up until last year when official details became available online.

According to Michael Jonathan Smith, a writer at Cobra Kai, the show is an action-comedy version of the PlayStation series. It tells the story of a man who drives a car and has to deliver mysterious packages across post-apocalyptic wastelands dominated by machete-wielding vehicles of destruction.

Launch trailer for Twisted Metal

Deadline Reports John Doe is now the name of this motormouthed protagonist. He was inspired by the Twisted metal character of the same title and will be played in the role by Anthony Mackie. Anthony Mackie’s prolific career also includes roles in 8 Mile, Black Mirror, and his prominent turn as The Falcon, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Although there is no way to know when this series will be available, it’s possible that the collaboration between Sony Pictures Television (PST) and PlayStation Productions might. However, recent reports indicate that Sony may also be working on an new Twisted Metal game to boost the TV show’s release.

Publiated at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 18:39.27 (+0000).

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