Valheim Hearth and Valheim Home: Release time confirmed


Iron Gate just released a slew of updated information in advance of the Valheim Hearth/Home release date via Twitter. This developer also provided some useful tips on optimizing your gaming experience, including a confirmation of when it will be available.

Valheim’s Hearth and Home will be released on September 16, at 3pm CEST/ 2pm BST/ 9am ET/ 6am PDT. In case you are concerned that your worlds will be affected, the updated content won’t cause them to be lost. Iron Gate recommends that you test things on a different server but this is not necessary. To access the updated, you will need to find new recipes and visit new places.

Keep in mind, however that characters won’t have access to older Viking games after they’ve completed the Hearth and Home updates. You’ll also want to backup your world save just in case. For the moment, make sure to turn off any Valheim Mods. Iron Gate states that they won’t be working right away, and that it is possible to get Unity errors while you’re playing the game.

Although we have a good idea about what is coming, there are many details that the developer kept under wraps. We are aware that bows, axes, and vomiting will be possible. Also, food has undergone a significant rework.

You can find out more about the Valheim Updates by clicking this link.

Publiated at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 14:27:43 (+0000).


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