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Warren Buffett says he won’t even think about hiring someone without this trait

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Warren Buffett has a reputation for his investment wisdom. However, many of his best investments have been in people. Buffett said once, “I have two jobs.” The other is to find and retain outstanding managers who will run the various operations.

One prerequisite is essential for attracting and keeping top managers. Buffett explains:

When we are hiring people, there are three things that we look out for. When we hire people, we seek intelligence, initiative, or energy and integrity.

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Here’s a clue as to which one of three Buffett priorities first. Buffett said, “If they don’t have [integrity], then the first two will destroy you.” Because if you are going to find someone lacking integrity, you need them dumb and lazy.

You will not get far without integrity, intelligence and drive. It is a huge business risk to hire without integrity.

Integrity is important

Henry Cloud, a psychologist and best-selling author on integrity wrote this book. Integrity. The Courage to Meet Reality, he states that “Who you are will determine whether your brains, talent, competences, energy and deal-making skills will be successful.”

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You’ll learn to adapt and trust all aspects of integrity as you grow. It will become easier to establish trust, resolve conflicts, show empathy, give feedback, and build up others.

Integrity is a combination of the ability to communicate authentically with others as well as the ability to focus on the truth. These are both essential parts. This person is someone who can use both of these abilities to be honest, accept change, resist wrongdoing and achieve real results.

It will affect our ability to live in the present without compromising our integrity. These strategies can be put into practice daily to avoid disaster.

1. 1. Be easily accessible

Integrity is a person who keeps communication lines open between everyone within the company. The person of integrity allows others to voice their concerns and raise questions in an open manner that is responsive. Open and honest communication not only is ethical, but it also builds trust and adds value to work so that there are no bureaucratic or political barriers.

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2. Be your word

Are you putting into practice the principles you have preached? Keep your word and keep your commitments. Leadership leaders who live up to their promises and make good examples set an example. They are human and will make mistakes, but they also hold their employees accountable for a standard that is unsurpassed by outside influence.

3. True to your self

What would it feel like to say what you mean every day and be true to yourself? How would that make you feel? Think about how much self-respect this would bring you. True to oneself is much more stress-free than trying to be someone else. You can trust others to trust your decisions and judgments. You’ll be respected by others for your beliefs and values.

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Publiated at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 09:50:54 +0000

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