“Wasted all of our money”: Caravan towing laws change angers drivers

In recent months, caravans are gaining popularity as Britons seek to spend time in the UK and avoid the risk of traveling abroad. Starting September 20, trailer and car driving tests will stop.

This test requires drivers to perform manoeuvres using a trailer that is attached to their car. Drivers are then judged on their performance on the road. It’s similar in nature and format to standard driving tests.

Drivers who pass their vehicle driving exam before January 1, 1997 are permitted to tow up to 3500kg trailers (Maximum Authorised Weight) until the law is changed.

The DVLA will make changes to driving license records so that they reflect drivers’ ability to tow trailers.

If you have a photocard driving license, the category BE will be added to your driving licence.

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Motorists could be subject to a maximum of PS1,000 fine, a ban from driving, and up to six points on their driving licenses if they are caught towing anything more than the legal limit.

Only drivers can tow larger loads if they are supervised. This is subject to L plates being displayed at the back of the trailer and front of the car.

A person must be at least 21 and have had a category BE driving license for at least 3 years.

All tests that were taken prior to September 20 will proceed as scheduled.

Drivers will receive a refund for cancelling their tests from September 15th to September 19th.

All tests scheduled after September 20th will be canceled.

The DVSA will cancel any test booked by a driver and issue a refund. This will take place within 5 working days.

Road users will not be able to get any compensation or a refund for training they have received to prepare them to pass the driving test.

There has been some debate among caravanners about the inability to get refunds or training.

Nigel Guest from Twitter said that he felt for driving instructors teaching BE.

Their business could disappear overnight.”

Thomas Evans (another user) questioned the decision and said: “So, what happens to those who were made to pay for their licenses?”

“We just wasted our entire money without any reason.”

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