Wayra Herpam opens ‘The School of Innovation.

The School of Innovation’s first edition will focus on discussions around the latest trends and use cases of technology such as IoT and Big Data, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

These talks will feature entrepreneurs who are recognized as leaders in their respective industries and technology fields by Wayra Hepam.

We created the space to give our startups more visibility and education. Wayra Hispam has more than 100 active startups. These are highly qualified professionals at the cutting edge of technology and trends, who have the ability to add to the ecosystem. “Agustin Rotondo is Wayra Hispam Director.

Rebus Tech, an startup, will host the sessions. It allows you to customize and generate live events using a widget . This widget can be embedded into any webpage, app, or streaming website as another feature.

Sessions with entrepreneurs will start on September 21st and last for five weeks. In Mexico City, the talks will begin at 9:00 a.m. and those who wish to attend may do so after registering on the page https://escueladeinnovacionwayra.rebus.com.co/event .

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Image: Wayra Hispam

  • September 21 | Immersive Tech / Damian Alcala- CO Founder & CEO CamOnApp

Immersive technology is known for being one of the bridges between the real and virtual worlds. This talk will allow you to discover some objects which bring us closer, and allows us to feel augmented reality. It makes the union of worlds possible.

  • Decentralized Identity / Hernan Carrascal – Enterprise Director Andina & New Markets at VU Security

Is it our identity? VU Security explains information management through Blockchain. This technology allows for the creation of a virtual identity using digital standards.

  • AI to improve the relationship with your customers / Laura Anchico – Sales Manager at Vozy

We sometimes believe Artificial Intelligence to be rocket science. But Vozy and we will see that it can help improve customer relationships. It is important that customers have a better experience because of all the brand challenges. This can be accomplished through the development of services and implementation of AI.

  • Big Data applied to reality / Lukas Canal – CEO of Hexagon Data

What’s Big Data? Although we have all heard the term before, many of us don’t know how important it is in daily life. Hexagon data will help us determine the size of the market, the performance of companies, and some uses cases. We also know the most popular trends around the technology.

  • IoT and its application today / Agusti Betriu – CCO of Engidi

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to connect with new places in a completely different manner. New dynamics have been created by the Internet of Things or IoT. Endigi explains how IoT has evolved and the challenges it poses.

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