Xbox Live Down: Microsoft’s latest status update on Xbox Server Status

Xbox Live has been down since tonight. Over 20,000 people have reported the outage to Xbox Live.

Microsoft recognizes the problem and is working to correct it immediately.

We don’t know the time it will take to get everything fixed by engineering.

It is not known when servers will come back up or for how long Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox 360 consoles will remain offline.

Microsoft sends a message saying, “We are currently investigating reports that users have been unable to log in to the Xbox Network.”

You may have problems signing in to your Xbox account, disconnected from the network, or not being able to log-in. Sign-in is required for most apps, games and social activities.

Gamers who are affected by the outage today report problems signing in to their accounts, consoles and web services.

One user reported: “It just now logs me in, but now it tells me I must pay for the game. But the store claims I have already purchased the game and the message comes back after.”

One other adds, “Why are people losing their mind because they can’t live for most likely very little time?” We are truly screwed if our electrical grid goes down.


Publiated at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 19:08:00 +0000

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