According to Instagram's boss, social media can be likened to cars. People will die.

According to Instagram’s boss, social media can be likened to cars. People will die.

Adam Mosseri doesn’t do Facebook any favors.

After a series of damning articles published in the Wall Street Journal, the head of Instagram was interviewed by Peter Kafka on the Recode Media Podcast. These were based upon leaked documents from Facebook. Mosseri tried to justify the platform’s negative impact on users in an interview with Peter Kafka. He compared social media to cars. His argument is simple. The truth is that some people will just get run over. That’s what we all have to pay.

Mosseri stated that while we know more deaths from car accidents than others, cars actually create more value than they devastate. And I believe social media is similar.”

The Journal story describes how Facebook internal research ( Facebook owned Instagram) revealed that Instagram was making people’s lives worse.

One in three teenage girls finds body image problems worse than we do,” stated a 2019 slide from the paper. Another slide reads, “Teens attribute Instagram to increases in anxiety and depression.”

Fashion car crash. Credit to Arturo Holmes/getty

Kafka correctly pointed out, in response to Mosseri’s comments on cars, that automobiles are subjected to severe safety regulation at a federal level. Mosseri responded by saying that social media regulation was welcome but that it could also be problematic.

He said that he believed you should be cautious because regulation could cause even more problems.

Kafka wasn’t the only person to notice and point out the contradictions in Mosseri’s defense. On Twitter, many pointed out that Mosseri was losing when he tried to grasp at straws.

Mosseri may have used a too simplistic analogy regarding fatal car accidents. According to the Journal, Facebook’s research found that 13% of British teens and 6% American teenagers reported having suicidal thoughts. One presentation revealed this.

Although Mosseri may seem to be describing social media as an end-all societal benefit, but with some very nasty externalities it is just one of many outrageous self-justifications made by Facebook executives.

A memo by Andrew Bosworth, then Facebook Vice President of Marketing and Communications was published in 2018. (Bosworth failed to make it to Reality Labs’ head. This division is responsible for the privacy catastrophe that took place while waiting to be discovered. The 2016 document showed a bleak picture of an organization that is determined to ignore the real-world consequences.

According to the memo, Facebook was created for people. While people may die, that won’t stop them from using it.

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Bosworth wrote, “Maybe it cost a life to expose someone to bullies.” Bosworth wrote, “Maybe someone is killed in terrorist attacks coordinated using our tools. Yet, we still connect people.”

Mosseri, Bosworth seem to have plenty of things to discuss. We’re all going to be listening, too bad.

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