Apple states in an internal memo that it monitors legal challenges to Texas’ abortion laws

Apple stated today in a message on an employee message board that it is monitoring legal challenges to the so-called “uniquely restrictive” abortion law that was recently passed by Texas. TechCrunch was confirmed by Apple that the message is authentic.

The unsigned memo states that “We are actively watching the legal proceedings against the unique restrictive Texas abortion law.” We want to remind everyone that Apple’s benefits are extensive and allow employees to travel to other states for treatment if they cannot get it in their own state.

This law effectively bans most abortions occurring in the state. It is being challenged In many ways. In recent days, a number of organizations from tech and beyond have made public statements against the law. Any Texas employees concerned about accessing reproductive health care after the law’s enactment have been offered by Salesforce to be relocated. Match Group and Bumble both Texas-based businesses, offered to pay travel costs for employees who needed treatment outside of Texas.

Although the message doesn’t detail further Apple actions to oppose this bill, it states that Apple supports employees’ right to make decisions about their reproductive health.

Apple Texas is an important employer. It has thousands of employees in Austin and a plant that manufactures products. There are also many Apple retail stores throughout Texas.

Below is the full text of this message:

A message for women about reproductive health and care

Apple supports the rights of its employees to decide for themselves regarding their reproductive health.

The legal proceedings against Texas’s extremely restrictive abortion law are being closely monitored by Apple. We want to remind employees that their benefits are extensive and allow them to travel outside of the state to receive medical treatment if they cannot get it in their own home states. Your health plan carrier is available to help you navigate your healthcare and that of your dependents.

We are committed to your health and well being. This is why we will do everything we can to make sure that Apple’s care is available to you and your family.

Publited Fri, 17 September 2021 at 01:27.04 +0000

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