Bermuda Triangle: “Major discovery” as missing ship of 200 feet with ‘bizarre cargo is found

Link” href=””>Bermuda Triangle is a region in the north Atlantic Ocean where ships, planes and people are alleged to have mysteriously vanished. Flight 19 vanished just months after World War II ended off Florida’s coast. This is one of many mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Five US TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers were part of Flight 19. The squadron left Fort Lauderdale on December 5, 1945 to bomb an area known as Hens and Chickens Shoals.

The flight leader Lieutenant Charles Taylor, however, encountered navigational difficulties as they turned north towards base.

It is believed that the aircraft entered Bermuda Triangle, an area of the ocean stretching from Florida and Puerto Rico.

The 14 passengers on the planes and 13 rescue crewmen who sent them out to search for them, were all never found again.

Flight 19 was found last year by a team of specialists who intensified their efforts to locate it.

The History Channel US documentary Episode 1, ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’, captured their search.

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Laurence Fishburne narrates the story. The programme involves researchers following new leads to discover Flight 19’s secrets.

Mike Barnette, marine biologist and chief underwater explorer, enlisted the assistance of a Florida fisherman to help him explore a possible plane crash for the show.

Divers discovered that the wreck was not an aircraft, but rather a huge shipwreck.

Laurence described the ship as an “unusual” discovery and “major discovery for the team.”

Barnette stated that he found the wreck at 200 feet in length with a beam of 24 and a quarter feet.

After assessing the evidence, Mr Barnette matches his eerie finding to the famous cargo ship that disappeared in Bermuda Triangle 71-years ago.

After it had left Savannah, Georgia for Venezuela, in April 1950, the Sandra disappeared and was never seen again.

It is believed that the Bermuda Triangle swallowed the 185-foot Costa Rican vessel and its 12 man crew.

Before the ship disappeared, approximately 300 tonnes DDT insecticide were aboard the cargo ship.

Barnette stated that he discovered the cargo was made of kaolin clay which can be used to kill insects or other pesticides. There were also traces DDT.

We know the Sandra, which left Savannah, Georgia, heading south on the North Florida Coast, would have passed directly over the area where we were diving.

“And all of the dimensions and all the machinery correspond exactly to what Sandra was.

All of this evidence was combined, and it was clear that Sandra was the mysterious wreck.

Although the investigator was able to see the positive side of the wreck’s discovery, it did not help the team in finding Flight 19.

He said, “Serendipity is right. We’re trying find information about another Bermuda Triangle mystery but we accidentally stumble upon another.”

It just proves that you never know where you might run into.

History’s Greatest Mysteries can be viewed on History Channel US.

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