DVSA warns that new caravan rules could affect car insurance policies for drivers.

The DVSA will examine amending rules that allow drivers of cars to transport heavy caravans or trailers, without the need to pass an extra test. The DVSA asked car insurers to examine how new rules might affect drivers in its latest consultation on new rule changes.

We recognize that we wouldn’t be able mandate this requirement, so that road safety standards are maintained and that some training programs can be financially viable.

These new suggestions are intended to free examiners to tackle the huge backlog in driving test takers.

Currently, the DVSA conducts more than 30,000 trailer and car B+E tests per year.

The DVSA stated that there was an increase in capacity due to the pandemic.

After being open since August’s beginning, the consultation ended on September 7, just over one week after it had been closed.

Within three months after the closing of the consultation, a summary of all responses will be made public.

According to the DVSA, this document will contain details about next steps and whether or not rules are changed so that car drivers can tow trailers with no need for a permit.

Publiated at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 20:39.10 +0000

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