Giants’ QB Daniel Jones is connected to Eli Manning beyond a mere lookalike relationship

It’s Eli Manning’s double act.

Daniel Jones, No. 6, was selected in 2019. In 2019, Daniel Jones was drafted No. 6. There were a lot of laughs, eyebrows raised and glasses dramatically taken off when he was drafted. Analysts considered Jones to be a second or third-round candidate, but the Giants got a chance at Jones before the rest. He looked almost like he was trying out for the part of Manning’s brother in a streaming biopic.

The jokes soon subsided as Jones appeared a lot more than many people thought he would in 2019. Jones threw for 24 touchdowns, 3,027 yards and 13 starts for Big Blue in his 2019 season. He also showed flashes of brilliance that could make him appear like an elite franchise quarterback. Jones is unlikely to be able to recreate his success with the 2021 season being a must-win for him.

Jones has his flaws as a quarterback. He may occasionally turn the ball over. This could have been due to his time at Eli’s bench during his rookie season. But the Jones-Manning connection is more than looking like one.

Side by side, Eli Manning and Daniel Jones

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Manning Family connection: Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones and Eli Manning are connected by one man, David Cutcliffe, current Duke football coach.

Cutcliffe, the Volunteers’ offensive director when Peyton attended Tennessee in the 1990s was Cutcliffe. Cutcliffe served as Ole Miss’ head coach from 1998 to 2004, where he mentored Eli Manning. The San Diego Chargers ranked Cutcliffe No. 1 in 2005.

Cutcliffe returned briefly to Tennessee and became the Duke head coach in 2008. He is still a Duke coach today. Cutcliffe also coached during the Daniel Jones tenure in Durham (2015-2018).

Jones was able to benefit from the Cutcliffe connections, and would eventually form a friendship with the Manning brothers. Jones attended the famous Manning Passing Camp, Louisiana. He felt that it had helped him.

“Being with Coach Cut, the Mannings and being in that group is an honour and something I value very deeply,” Jones stated at the 2019 NFL Combine. “I believe the preparation I’ve had with Coach Cut at Duke will be a great help for me in this next step. Having the connections I have with Eli, Peyton and others is something I feel has been special about the process. I know that it will also benefit the NFL Combine 2019.

It is often believed that Jones and Manning are very close. This is not the truth. Jones and Manning seem to have a close friendship, but there is clearly mutual respect.

The Giants No. 6 drafted Jones. Jones was drafted by the Giants No. 6 overall. He sat on the bench alongside Eli Manning. Jones quickly beat Eli Manning to the start job. Manning would then retire after the 2019 season.

Jones’ 28-game tenure as Giants quarterback has not been easy. He has threw 36 touchdowns, 6,237 yards and has turned over the ball 40 times (22 interceptions, 18 forfumbles).

Perhaps he is really doing an Eli Manning impression.

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