If you are a fan of Portland State, the coach will purchase all your beer.

Bruce Barnum, the head coach of Portland State University is giving away as many beers as he can to anyone who comes to his home opener. This is either the best idea in sports or it’s a sure way to make a coach bankrupt.

Barnum appears on Portland‘s local radio. He knows it can be difficult for people to choose to watch Oregon State or Portland State and so is sweetening things.

Barnum declared, “I have a deal for anyone who heard me on my show… Just say’Barney heard Barney’ on the BFT at Barney Beer Garden and you’ll get your beer.

This may seem like an extremely low-risk bet. How many people were actually listening to Portland State’s coach make such a bold promise on radio? It’s my public duty to spread this message as widely as possible.

It is not an easy deal. Barnum didn’t say “a beer”, he was clear that it is as many as you like.

What is your favorite number of beers?

Barney said: “All of them.”

It would be a disservice to a man’s generosity to tell the Portland area and its surrounding areas that $10 is required to purchase tickets to Portland State’s Saturday game against Western Oregon. It would be reckless for me to give you a link that will allow you to buy your tickets online in advance of the sale. This way you are able to take advantage of the free beer. This would be absurd.

Instead of being foolish, I will just send my best wishes to Portland State and Coach Bruce Barnum, as it may need it all.

Publiated at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 18:29.22 (+0000).

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