London may be replaced by the UK’s capital, amid concerns that it will flood.

The chairperson of Climate Crisis Advisory Group Sir David King has issued a dire warning that major UK coastal cities (including London’s capital) are under threat from rising sea levels. The lead scientist for the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, Sir David King, stated that Britain will likely experience more severe weather such as floods and storms if the climate crisis is not addressed.

He said that the Mirror is an island nation, and the greatest challenge facing climate change are rising sea levels.

Storms at sea when an island nation means storms inland, so our coasts are also under threat at the same moment as rivers flooding.

Rising water levels can be attributed to the melting glaciers and the thermal expansion of seawater when it heats up.

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He said that if we move forward at a rapid pace and continue to emit greenhouse gases at their current levels, we will be unable to defend our assets.

“What’s the deal?

I am referring to the capital.

This is already taking place in Indonesia. The Government has moved the capital to higher ground because Jakarta is so badly flooded.

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