Microsoft users will be able to log in now without the need for passwords

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it would offer a passwordless option to all Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Outlook users in the next few weeks. This option was previously available for corporate accounts back in March.
Vasu Jakkal (corporate vice president for security compliance and identity), wrote that you can now remove your password completely from Microsoft’s account in a post Wednesday.
Microsoft ( ) allows users to sign in with their company’s Authenticator application, which generates a unique numbered log code every few seconds. Or, they can use Windows Hello which allows users to sign in with facial recognition, fingerprints or a pin. Microsoft customers can purchase an external security key such as a USB flash drive containing login information or register their phone number, to receive a verification code from Microsoft.
Microsoft has made the change after an increase in cyberattacks during the last year. The majority of corporate workers work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means hackers now have more ways to hack into companies’ systems. One of these is compromising passwords. In recent months Microsoft also faced security problems. Its services were linked to numerous high-profile hacks, and breach.
Many passwords are sold on the dark internet where they can be used to hack more services. Even password managers, such as LastPass which was hacked in 2015, have been hacked by hackers.
Microsoft estimates that 579 password-related attacks occur every second. This adds up to 18.4 billion attacks per year. Cybersecurity experts believe that the weakest link in cybersecurity is humans. We have a tendency to reuse the same password across accounts, making it easy to forget. Or to create patterns to make different passwords that hackers can guess.
Jakkal stated that weak passwords were the main entry point to most attacks on consumer and enterprise accounts.
Microsoft seems to be setting an example for passwordless computing by demonstrating its leadership. Jakkal claims that almost all employees log in to their company accounts now without using passwords.
Google (GOOGL), Apple (AAPL), and others offer other password options. These solutions include sending a notification to another device to verify identity. However, these alternatives have not replaced the necessity to enter a password.

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