New mysterious Nintendo Switch controller revealed

Keep it secret up to 180 days

Nintendo filed an FCC new application in order to introduce a new controller for the Nintendo Switch.

Today’s filing was discovered by Twitter user SamanthaHunter2. The product’s “game controller” is specifically mentioned with the Nintendo Switch HAC peripheral prefix.

The listing has limited details, so the information is kept secret until Nintendo announces it or up to 180 days after that (which would be March next year).

All peripherals and the Nintendo Switch share the prefix “HAC”, with the Switch being “HAC001”. Its dock is called “HAC007” and its Pro Controller, “HAC-013”.

The Ring-Con controller is now available (HAC-022), and the SNES controller can be used with Nintendo Switch Online (HAC-042). How could HAC-043 possibly be used?

Eurogamer confirmed last week that additional console back catalogs will be added to Switch Online’s catalogue, which includes Game Boy Color and Game Boy Color . Eurogamer also knows of additional platforms that are destined to the service, although their identities have not been widely shared.

The FCC is only required to keep the listing secret for a short time so it could not take long before we get more information.

Publited at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 16:14.04 +0000

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