Petcube Bite 2 Lite, a treat that’s budget-friendly and keeps your pet safe is a great option.

The human aspect of pet camera treat-flinging has a clear appeal. This is a great way to monitor our pets and keep them company when they are away from us.

However, there is another factor that will determine if your house could be benefitted from an interactive pet camera. Will your pet care?

It’s a good time to start working on this. A year or two later? I don’t know how long it took, but pets that were able to stay at home with their parents will be more confused when the circumstances change. TikTok ‘s “On this episode” show that many people are trying to help a pet who is lonely.

My kitten Sansa never felt safe being left alone, despite her constant work from home and the fact that she avoids plans as a Taurus. As a first pet parent who was very attached to my kitten Sansa, even though she has grown from an adorable, wobbly baby, it is still hard for me to imagine her being left alone.

When Rover is not available, I needed a camera that was more compatible and better than my current one. It felt natural to upgrade the Petcube Bite 2 Lite. It was tested in my apartment with Sansa, as well at my parent’s house where I had two cats older than me.

The Lite Petcube version has the majority of the functionality of the regular Petcube Bite 2 but without the laser. The Lite 2 is also made of plastic, not aluminum. The Lite 2 is more affordable than the Bites 2 at $100 and the Petcube Play at $80. This device does not have treats, but instead uses a laser.

The Petcube is set up

You can place the Petcube wherever your pet likes to be, such as near their food and favorite sofa. The cord can be plugged in at the nearest outlet, although it is quite long. It is just 11 inches high and slim. The device can be placed on any flat surface, or mounted to a wall.

Although the Lite Petcube’s exterior was plastic, it didn’t look less modern. Its minimalist design and subtle colors make it look far more sophisticated than the furbo’s curvey form.

The process of synchronizing the Petcube with your smartphone is as simple as scanning a QR code. After that, connect to your WiFi at home. It took just five minutes.

The Petcube was used on my kitchen countertop and my TV stand. Credit to leah Stodart/mashable

The app provides simple instructions for setting up the device. A blinking light changes color to indicate whether it is in setup mode or having problems connecting to the Internet. Push notifications are required to use the motion sensor.

Get used to the Petcube

Most pets enjoy hearing our voices. Pets love treats. It’s another matter if they would recognize the voice and respond to it, or if the treat came through an inanimate container.

It’s normal for pets to feel confused and bewildered for the first couple of days after they get the Petcube. The Lite 2’s interactive features (the two-way microphone, and the treat dispenser) seemed to make them more comfortable.

The reaction of my parents’ cat to me speaking through the speaker was… stareing. When they did not answer my call while I was away, I tried not to get disappointed. They are a wonderful source of comfort and I appreciate the opportunity to use the gentle voice they love. Your dog may seem more curious than you think.

The cat’s reaction to the treat dispenser made them more nervous. While I was at home, the device ran on a regular schedule during my testing. Every day, I leapt when the device started to whirr. It may be difficult for some pets to get used too, but they might associate it with snacks. We love the idea of a Pavlov’s dog situation. Numerous Amazon reviews mention how their pets and dogs are kept busy by the Petcube.

It feels crucial to have remote treatment now

You can customize the dispenser to suit your pet’s current routine. Simply remove the lid and fill the container with treats. The app will allow you to control how often and how much to toss. This app is great for pets who don’t need to be disturbed at the same time every day. Manual treat tossing can be amusing for both the animal and human. It also allows them to come up with their own ideas during unexpected popouts. To mimic the treat tossing, flip the camera over to the full screen.

This 160-degree camera can capture Sansa with her cat tree and food on one side. Credit to leah Stodart/mashable

If your pet is present in the room you can watch them munch on their food in real time. Although I was only able to witness this one time, it was incredibly calming to see Sansa enjoying some action in the middle of a long day. During at-home testing she heard the dispenser several times and raced to find them.

It doesn’t matter if they are watching. Fun is only for them if they’re watching. You can have fun by grabbing a snack from the air, or running it around the room. Then they will wait for you back. Even if they’re not in the room it is nice to know they have a surprise waiting for them each time they leave.

A treat program could be a great way to help your pet remember when snack time is, even in a busy schedule. Petcube users have reported that their pet responded well to a “No!” and they now enjoy a rewards system. When they are caught on camera being rude.

The standard Blue Buffalo and Temptations treats are what I prefer, however the app can also handle larger or smaller ones by adding one of the limiter pieces. You should be able to see when you need to replenish the treats. My app was not able this, and it kept saying “no treat” even though there were plenty.

Treat throwing is sometimes chaotic and requires a laser, but we already knew this.

Petcube needed to get rid of the laser in order to make it more economical. You should only judge it based on what features you purchased. Upgrade to a Non-Lite Model if you are looking to have fun with the pet camera while you’re gone.

The Bites 2 Lite’s primary selling point is its treat tosser. I thought it ought to have been consistent. Despite having two treats an hour, and the “close” distance indicated on the app for the distance, my Lite would often throw seven treats about 15 feet away. It’s a great bonus for pets who are hyper-alert and love to chase and jump. It was also funny.

The treat tosser goes haywire when it’s thrown so far outside of the normal treat range — beyond where your pet is trained to search for treats — that they end up on the sofa.

Petcube Cares requires you to pay $5.99 per month for playback of all your pets’ activities throughout the day. Although it is annoying that Petcube can only be used as a 24/7 monitor, a annual subscription costs less than what Petcube charges for other cameras. It’s worth considering to see how Sansa manages to leave little gifts outside her litterbox.

Are the Petcube Bites 2 Lites worth it?

The Lite Petcube is a great option for pets who are accustomed to treats. You and your pet will have peace of mind knowing that the Lite Petcube costs less than $100

Petcube Bites 2 Lite offers a more sophisticated upgrade to the basic security camera that you might be using for remote monitoring. You can monitor your room with the 1080p HD camera, night vision and two-way microphone. The treat dispenser will give your pet something to do while bored. If you are sure that your pet will be interested in a laser, skip it. However, if you’re looking to experiment with pet cameras without investing a lot of money, you can try it.

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