Peter Beck, Rocket Labs’ CEO will speak at Disrupt 2021 about taking Rocket Lab’s company interplanetary.

It is not easy to build an orbital launch company from scratch. But what if it is just a stepstone to building a vertically integrated interplanetary space business? Peter Beck, Rocket Lab founder, will join us at TechCrunch 2021 next week (Sept 22-23). He will talk to us about his love for space and the challenges and joys of exploring it all, from orbit to the moon to beyond.

Rocket Lab was founded by Beck over a decade ago. Beck had been testing increasingly larger rockets with the ultimate goal to build a reliable, small and inexpensive launch vehicle capable of delivering payloads into orbit on a weekly basis — or faster.

The company and Electron have been a highly-respected ride to orbit . However, the company has expanded into spacecraft design, manufacturing, and launch vehicles with Photon. Neutron is a larger vehicle. They’ve been selected for an Artemis-related mission, and they plan to finance a private mission to Venus. They’ve also raised lots of money, and they are making their public.

Beck, the always available, will be joining us virtual from New Zealand’s HQ to talk about Rocket Lab’s successes and future plans. He also discusses how to transform a small launch company into a large space service company facing competition.

We are excited to have you join us at DISrupt next week. Your passes can be purchased now until Monday September 20th at a price of less than $100

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