Protester for Topless Extinction Rebellion vows to keep going despite being “fat shamed”

Laura Amherst (31 years old) joined Extinction Rebellion protests last month in London to “draw attention” to climate change. The mother-of-1, from Brighton, was subject to online bullying for her activism.

She spoke to The Sun and said that she was recently fat-shamed. People have told her, “You have so many rolls on you body, I don’t want anyone to see it.”

They love to pick on me, because I’m faking boobies, and they say that she’s a horrible person seeking attention.

I’m getting attention, because our society loves blonde women, with big hair and beautiful bodies.

Extinction Rebellion began a 2-week disruption campaign in August to demand more government action on climate change.

Demonstrators blocked roads and bridges, stuck themselves to McDonald’s restaurants and set up a huge pink table at Oxford Circus.

Scotland Yard reported that 508 police officers were arrested in London for protest-related charges.

Ms. Amherst supported civil disobedience and argued that the disruptions are far smaller than what climate change might cause.

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We don’t really want to do this, but it’s still a small step in comparison to all the other threats we face right now.

Matt Twist, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, spoke out about how difficult it is to police Extinction Rebellion activities while being interviewed by Times Radio on Friday September 3.

He stated that it wasn’t the protesters, but the severity of the disruption they are trying to create which has an impact on the lives of other Londoners

This week, activists from Insulate Britain attacked the M25 motorway, creating hours of traffic delays.

Ms Amherst is a student at the Open University and says that her topless activism was motivated by her concern for her little girl.

She stated that she hoped her daughter would be proud of all the hard work and sacrifices made by me.

I want her to have a joyful, happy childhood.

I don’t have much money, and we wouldn’t be able to afford another house if it was affected by climate changes.”

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