REVIEW: Leopards REVIEW: Seductive playaround with psyche and sex

It is evident, right? But it’s wrong. Alys Metcalf’s two-hander is a mistake from the beginning. As eager PR Niala Safron Coomber admires Ben Martin Marquez (environmental ideology, public compassion) and seeks advice about how to improve her career.

Or does she? The tone changes from light and lubricious to flirtatious as she gets more flirtatious.

How long can a married, good-looking man resist a sexual assault?

Director Christopher Haydon keeps a firm grip on tension that builds slowly, but surely beneath Colin Grenfell’s alarming lighting scheme of suspended neon icicles.

This is a sneaky, ninety minute seduction. It slips around the topic, leaving clues behind until the last line.

It is clever and nimble, but not too clever. This ninety-minute psycho/sexual game play session is gripping and uncomfortable.

Rose Theatre in Kingston until September 25,

Tickets: 020-8174 0090

Publiated at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 23:01:00 +0000

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