The key date to mark the end of summer/beginning of autumn is 2021, also known as Autumn Equinox 2021

Also known as September equinox, the autumn equinox is when the sun’s centre passes over the earth’s Equator. The north and south poles don’t face towards the sun, but instead are straight.

The theory is that this allows for the same amount daylight to be available in each hemisphere.

The lengths of night and day are approximately equal at all locations on the date of the Equinox.

The March equinox occurs between March 19-21 each year. While the September equinox takes place sometime between September 21-24, it is roughly in between.

This is the same day that the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn Equinox occurs, but it also marks the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Traditional farmers brought in their harvest at this time.

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>full moon in September is called the Harvest Moon.

The earth’s location around the equinox makes this moon appear larger than normal.

The Harvest Moon will be visible starting September 20,

What is the best way to celebrate the Equinox?

As they do for the spring solstice and the spring equinox, Stonehenge is where druids gather to welcome the equinox. However, celebrations this year will continue as Covid goes on.

It is also common for people to gather on London’s Primrose hill to welcome the new season.

Festivals of food are common at this time of the year and there are many seasonal meals all around the globe.

However, for most people, celebrating the changing seasons means getting out to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.

Autumn is a time when the leaves change color and the trees turn a variety of shades, including red, orange, brown.

This time of the year is best celebrated by a long, pleasant walk in the country or at a park.

The September Equinox is widely celebrated all over the globe in similar manner.

A mid-autumn harvest festival is celebrated in China.

Chuseok is a South Korean form of thanksgiving.

Southern California’s Chumash tribe celebrates Hutash. This sun ceremony coincides with autumn equinox.

Higan is the Japanese public holiday for Autumn Equinox Day.

Higan, a Buddhist holiday that is only celebrated during the Autumnal Equinox and Spring Equinox, can be found in Japan.

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