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Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>Nintendo Switch hidden gem has finally made its way onto the eShop.

Razion EX, an arcade-style horizontal shoot’em up that first appeared on Neo Geo.

A new version of the Nintendo Switch would debut in early 2018, but it will only be available in limited numbers.

The in-demand shotgun would be snapped up by collectors quickly. This led to higher prices on websites like eBay.

In fact, to buy Razion EX physical copies from eBay, it would almost definitely cost you more than PS100.

The problem is now somewhat solved, though, because the expensive and rare arcade shooter has gone digital.

Razion EX, despite NGDEV suggesting that the game would not be made digitally, is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

Razion EX has stunning 16-bit graphics and half a dozen stages. It also features an addictive scoring system. Razion EX costs just PS17.95 online.

This reworked EX Edition features many upgrades and improvements including wider-screen visuals and training modes.

The complete list of Razion EX improvements and changes can be viewed below…

* New game play

* Reduced difficulty and re-balance

* Additional bullet cancellation for some enemies

* Ship movements and controls have been reworked

* Improved graphics with 32-bit effects

* Widescreen upgrade

* Additional scanline filter

* Some minor adjustments to the levels

* Improved scoring mechanism

* Unlockable continues

* Additional training mode available for bosses and unlocked levels

* Smaller ending

* High quality CD music


Six stages, with different settings

6 powerful end bosses

– 7 sub-chiefs

Three game modes


Horizontal shooting game with 16-bit CGI graphics

Fans are looking forward to Nintendo’s Direct Conference, which is rumoured to be taking place next week.

The reports claim that Nintendo will release more information about the upcoming Metroid Dread first-party title.

The company will also announce the last character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo will likely highlight titles such as Splatoon 3 or Project Triangle Strategy, a role-playing video game.

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