Tourist Warning: Popular scam to ‘exploit’ tourists is increasing

Expert research has shown that the pandemic is responsible for an increase in scams targeting holidaymakers. Phishing scams target tourists as more people in Britain seek to book holiday after the pandemic.

British citizens were restricted from traveling because of lockdowns.

There has been an increase in vacation bookings as travel restrictions have eased. Many popular resorts report increasing tourist numbers.

This has led to an increase of ruthless scams against British tourists.

Scammers use phishing emails scams and fake websites to target tourists. Some of these scams are quite convincing.

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Palo Alto Unit 42’s research has shown that malicious URLs have increased in travel-related links since the beginning of 2021.

Phishing refers to a form of fraud in which a scammer sends out a false message to con people into divulging sensitive information, or installing malware on their devices.

Scam emails, manipulation of links and false websites are just a few examples. As travel bookings soared, the research team discovered many fake websites.

Although many fake websites have been removed by the team, they are still being made all the time.


Visitors have been advised to carefully review booking sites before entering any personal information.

Anna Chung was one of the researchers. She said that cyber criminals were always looking for new ways to lure potential victims using social engineering and exploiting hot trends.

They’re now trying to capitalize on people’s strong desire for travel. This was previously suppressed by Covid.

Threat actors use malicious URLs and domains to conduct social engineering.

Phishing scams in emails have been sent to tourists as well. These emails are often referred to as urgent unpaid bills and trick travelers into clicking links.

Scammers have offered holiday packages at a fraction of the cost to victims.

To avoid scam email, it is recommended tourists install a spam filter in their emails.

Tourists should verify the URL before entering any personal data on a website.

Publited at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 17:19.51 +0000

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