Valheim Patch Notes – Read about the huge Hearth and Home Changes HERE

It has been a long wait for fans to finally get it. But today the Valheim Hearth and Home updates are now available on Steam.

This patch brings major changes to the game. It is still in beta and early access.

This week’s update is focused on the new mechanics, tools, and furniture that are available to build pieces.

New furniture and build pieces are added to the game. These range from strong shingle roofs, to powerful stone thrones.

Valheim lovers will be pleased to know that the new Obliterator allows them to share their map data and find more seeds for planting trees.

Fans will be happy to hear that the new version includes many bug fixes as well as minor background tweaks.

These can all be found below in the Valheim patch notes Steam.

Improvements in general

  • Rebalanced weapons (All weapons were rebalanced in order to make them more effective as main weapons and have unique play styles.
  • Redesigned blocking system (Current maximum HP now significantly affects your ability block attacks, staggerbar gui added).
  • Naming wild animals
  • Sensitivity settings for the Gamepad
  • Addition of toggle for auto-pickup
  • Graphics settings (Active point lights & Active point light shadows)
  • Friendly fire setting affects tamed animals (i.e. you cannot hurt them unless friendly fire is enabled or the new Butcher knives item).
  • Other improvements and fixes

Publiated at Thu 16 Sep 2021, 16:41.23 (+0000).

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