When visiting the Netherlands, British tourists will have to follow new rules

A Dutch government announcement has stated that travellers who have been fully vaccinated can travel to the Netherlands without needing to be quarantined. Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/travel-advice” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>travel for the double-jabbed.

Passengers with double jabbed passports will have to undergo a PCR test the second day after arriving, while those without a valid PCR will be required to do a second one on day 8.

After September 22, British tourists can also expect to have a normal vacation in the Netherlands.

Other restrictions, such as those affecting the number of bars or restaurants, have been lifted by the Dutch government.

The venues can serve maximum capacity, meaning the famous Amsterdam nightlife will be lively for British visitors.


British tourists who wish to visit the Netherlands will have to show proof of their vaccinations. The country has introduced a Covid Pass.

To gain access to popular venues to stop the spread Covid, everyone over 13 years old will have to present the pass.

France recently introduced vaccination cards that visitors must present to gain entry into hospitality facilities.

Every child under 12 years old must show proof of vaccination, or have a Covid test negative within the past 72 hours.

Tomorrow, the UK Government will announce that certain travel restrictions have been lifted.

The double-jabbed passenger PCR test is expected to be scrapped in favor of lateral flow tests that are cheaper.

Turkey will likely move to the amberlist along with half the countries on the red list.

Unvaccinated passengers are likely to face stricter testing restrictions than the current ones.

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