After letting her dog starve, a woman was forced to serve an animal ban.

Christine Mary Wilkinson 33, Shipston, Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to a bulldog named Minnie.

Ms Wilkinson was charged at Coventry Magistrates Court. She had been absent from the hearing.

Minnie was found by a representative of Stratford Housing Association who had accessed her former Marigold Road address, Stratford in May 2019.

After finding the body of the dog, the officer contacted RSPCA

After starving her dog, Ms Wilkinson received a lifetime order of disqualification from the court.

RSPCA Inspector Thea Kirrison was in Warwickshire at the time the animal welfare charity received the request. She described the dog’s condition during the hearing.

She stated that Minnie lay on a bed of plastic and a blanket.

I was able to see the ribs of her hip bones and that she was very thin.

She looked dead, lying in her sleeping place.

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In 2019, Ms Kerrison added that Minnie was “severely neglected” before her death.

After her post-mortem exam, the veterinary reports concluded that her poor health score was due to a prolonged period.

Minnie was dependent upon her owner, and she broke that trust when she left her to suffer.”


A RSPCA inspector stated that Ms. Wilkinson could have sought help from an animal shelter or given Minnie to a rescue organization to be rehomed.

Ms Kerrison stated that the 33-year old had decided to “just abandon her to death after a prolonged period of suffering”.

Ms Wilkinson received a 12 week sentence in prison, with a suspended sentence for 12 months. She also had to complete 20 rehab activity requirements days, and pay a total cost of PS278.

The 33-year old was disqualified from owning animals for life. However, after ten years she may appeal.

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