Back to the Future: The Musical Review – an emotional adaptation featuring crazy special effects

Thanks to Robert Zemeckis’ involvement, Bob Gale, Bob Gale, and Alan Silvestri as film writers, the movie is true to its original source while adding its own grace notes.

Marty McFly (Olly Donobson) has still problems with his parents — vodka-swilling mom (Rosanna Hyyland), cowardly father (Hugh Coles), and Doc Brown (Roger Bart). He is wild-eyed, wilder-coiffed.

Flux Capacitor will still be the powerpack that takes the DeLorean adapted from 1985 to 55 in just 7.5 seconds. Warnings regarding altering the present to effect the future/present are still ignored.

Although it takes some scenes for the engine to start, once it is running smoothly, there’s no stopping it.

Songs are tailored to the era. In 1955, Doo Wop songs and fake Phil Spector songs were dominant. 1980s music has a lot in common with Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love or post-disco songs.

The best part is that the effects are unbelieveable.

Tim Lutkin’s lighting is amazing and well worth it. The neon structure extends into audience, while the Finn Ross video projections create an illusion of a speeding car up to the finale.

There are no spoilers. You just need to be prepared for ducking.

Marty has a lot of heart and edginess, as well as a tense relationship with his mum, his teenage mother — “My mom has the hots!” — which is delivered with the finest possible flavor.

It could have a few more boring numbers to keep it shorter at 2/3 hours, but the show is still an amazing half-hour of great performances and incredible special effects. There are also a lot of good songs.

Marty does Marty do the Duck Walk and Johnny B Goode? This would tell you a lot.

Adelphi Theatre from February 13th, 2022

Tickets: 0207 492 0834

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