BBC at the brink of collapse as it braces for clashes with Nadine Dorries over licence fees

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Boris Johnson wielded the axe on his cabinet on Wednesday afternoon, with former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson one of the most high profile casualties. The BBC could be the biggest loser from Whitehall’s massive shakeup.

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Ms. Dorries, replaced Oliver Dowden, was previously a vocal critic of the BBC.

Although the MP for Mid Bedfordshire has yet to articulate her vision for BBC, she supported calls for decriminalization of non-payments of licence fees in 2014.

She wrote in a blog: “Soviet-style countries would have a similar structure in payment and persecution.”

Ms. Dorries posted a tweet accusing the BBC of being biased Left-wing.

This 64-year old has strong views on so-called cancel culture, which has been growing in recent years.

She tweeted in 2017: “Left-wing snowflakes kill comedy, tearing apart historic statues and removing books form universities, dumbing panto.” She tweeted: “Left wing snowflakes are killing comedy, tearing down historic statues, removing books from universities and dumbing down panto.

Ms. Dorries’ appointment comes at an important time for BBC, ahead of 2027’s Charter Renewal.

The Ministry is currently working to prepare a report on the future funding for the broadcaster, amid increasing pressure from certain groups who want a Netflix-like subscription service.

The BBC was hit with a lot of criticism last year for cutting off TV licenses to over-75s without pension credit.

More over-75s than before are subject to the PS159 Annual Fee

BBC Director-General Tim Davie said that he had not spoken with the new Culture Secretary. He has been the 10th individual to have held the post in 10 years.

Davie said he is open to “grown up dialogue with Government”, over the BBC.

Link” data-name=”Brexit LIVE: Remainer uproar as imperial units return” href=”” target=”_blank”>Brexit LIVE: Remainer uproar as imperial units return

Mr Davie spoke at the RTS Cambridge Convention 2020 on Wednesday. He also dismissed previous remarks made by Ms Dorries regarding the BBC.

He stated that he wouldn’t be distracted. It’s about getting to know the team and sitting down with them.

“I believe we have a compelling case to invest in the BBC. ”

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