BMW M2 CS receives the Vintage 501 wheels by HRE WHEELS

The BMW M2 CS, for me, is the most beautiful small coupe that you can purchase, regardless of price. It is muscular and short. Its wheel design is one of its best features. M Performance Parts is selling the killer gold BMW wheels, which are some of the most modern on any BMW. If you plan to replace your wheels, make sure you get some truly stunning ones. HRE Wheels is a great company that knows what it’s doing.

These photos show that they replaced the M2 CS stock wheels with a pair of HRE Vintage 501 wheels, in Brushed Gold. The wheels also have a Polished Clear exterior barrel. For me, form is more important than function. I prefer smaller wheels with chunkier sidewalls for greater performance. But these Vintage 501s have me in awe.

Photos @hre_wheels @rickgart @linhbergh

These wheels are called Vintage for a reason. They look just like the classic wheels that were used on vintage sports cars in the 1970s and 1980s. The 501s don’t exist just to be a showpiece. Although their three-piece design isn’t as suitable for heavy track usage as Monoblocks, it is strong enough to withstand canyon blasts as well as fast driving. These are made of aerospace-grade 6061T6 forged aluminum with high-strength stainless fasteners. They are as stylish and strong as they look.

Brushed gold is also the best finish, no matter what car you drive. C’mon. Take a look at them. They contrast well with the Misano Blue M2CS paint. The car, wheel design and finish are all great.

[Photos by @hre_wheels@rickgart @linhbergh Instagram]

Publited Sat, 18 Sep 2021 at 00:18.25 +0000

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