In royal homes: Two most memorable occasions when royal residences looked fairly normal

Link” href=”” rel=”tag”>Royal Family could ever resemble your own. A few royals seem to prefer simple pleasures and minimal decor. The likes Prince William, Prince Harry, and their cousins Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, have all flown the nest. Royal properties are now spread far and wide throughout the UK.

A pandemic gave the public an exclusive glimpse into royal life.

Zoom calls were replaced by royal visits during lockdown. Many Royal Family members took to social media to show off their home and work.

Link” href=”” rel=”tag”>Duchess of Cambridge shared many videos of their WFH life, though they were careful not to reveal too much of their home.

These are two of the most memorable moments when royals gave a peek at their homes to the public.

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Princess Anne

Link” href=”” rel=”tag”>Princess Anne.

Picture of the Queen’s one-and-only daughter, Lady Elizabeth Laurence, taken in her modest living room by her husband Sir Timothy Laurence. Surrounded with very common household items.

You wouldn’t be able to tell that Princess Diana and her husband sit in a small portion of their Gloucestershire 730-acre estate.

Gatcombe Park’s residence has five bedrooms, four secondary bedrooms, reception rooms and a library.

Anne is seen in one of the reception areas, focusing on her husband’s attention on the Scotland game on their small-sized TV.

This image was uploaded to the Royal Family’s Twitter account and captioned: “HRH, Vice Admiral Sir Tim cheered Scotland home as they faced England in the Calcutta Cup. It is 150 years since their first game.”

The Princess and her husband had a very intimate affair. They were comfortable sharing what appeared to be an uncluttered space with flowers and oak wood furniture, which provided a nice contrast.

There are many books, papers and statues adorning the walls. A dog bed is hidden in the corner.


The Little Cottage – The Queen’s glamorous playhouse. [ROYAL]

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Fergie, who posts regular images and videos on the site is one of the most engaged royals in sharing her home via social media.

Link” href=”” rel=”tag”>Prince Andrew.

They chose to separate their lives and live on the 98-acre property, which is located three miles from Windsor Castle, the Queen’s Easter home.

Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow”> @antoniamarshall.

This room is surprisingly relatable. It features wooden flooring, cupboards and simple cream walls with black marble tops.

Another post featuring Sarah’s Trust cupcakes was posted by Fergie’s Kitchen. The small spotlights shined on the busy worktop of Fergie’s kitchen with a bowl of lemons, a TV and some pink roses.

Although the décor is not quite right for the Royal Lodge’s grandeur, Fergie seems to be comfortable in her Windsor home.

Many of her posts are in her home. She can often be found there filming weekly videos called’storytime With Friends’, where she reads to younger viewers.

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