“Individual Responsibility”: Caravan law reforms are causing drivers to be more cautious about road safety.

These changes will take effect before 2021. Anyone with a full driving license will now be allowed to drive a caravan or trailer without having to pass an additional test. Before January 1, 1997, anyone who had passed their car driving exam could tow a trailer or vehicle up to 8250kg in maximum allowed mass (MAM).

It takes more work to move off and slower, and stopping, bending, and turning take longer. So drivers need to be careful.

For example, many trailers, horseboxes and caravans are larger than towing vehicles. Therefore, drivers need extra attention when positioning their vehicle on the road.

This applies especially when you pull over beside kerbs, enter toll booths, or refill at petrol stations.

Also, allow extra space for bends when trailers turn corners.

GEM encourages drivers to plan ahead for traffic.

You won’t be able to stop quickly with a fully loaded trailer so make sure you have plenty of room.

It is important that drivers be aware of speed limits when towing. However, it is also crucial to remember that towing vehicles are prohibited from the right-hand lane on motorways with more than three lanes.

It can be challenging to reverse with a caravan. Drivers are advised not to slow down and stay steady.

For drivers to practice their skills and learn from mistakes, they should locate a large empty space or parking lot.

Drivers must move their wheels in the opposite direction as if they were turning the vehicle with the trailer.

Neil Worth, chief executive of GEM, urged all drivers to remember safety when towing.

He stated that removing the test would raise safety concerns. However, we believe individual responsibility should be a higher priority for each driver towing.

Before we set off in a trailer, we need to be sure we understand what’s going on.

For example, what happens if you are driving on narrow roads and have to turn around? Is it possible to encounter crosswinds and strong winds? Is the trailer unstable or starts to snake behind you?

Additionally, caravan owners often use their trailers or caravans less frequently so it is important to make sure the trailer is road-worthy. Also, check load distribution, brakes, lights and couplings.

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