“Madafaker”, “sanababish” and “asupichimaye” are their names! Because of their strange names, these Tamaulipas sauces have dominated the internet.

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It is essential to visit butcher shops when visiting Matamoros and Tamaulipas. This is because the roast carnita tradition in Mexico’s north is an obligatory stop. Butcher shops are known for their sauces, not just for the cuts they make.

Cortesia Juan Garcia

The famous place where the Garcia family is buried, Super Carniceria18, became viral via social media recently by a publication whose names aroused curiosity from consumers all over the globe. Literally.

Why? The sauces are conservative-free and have incredible names like ” madafaker“, ” Sanababish,” or ” asupichimaye“. This post, which was not made by the company but by a customer, shows the curious branding. It refers to the Mexican translations of English words “Mother Fucker” and “Son of a bitch”. The post has been shared over 12000 times.

Image: Veronica Gonzalez via Facebook

Super Carniceria18 is a Matamoros-based business that has been in operation for over 35 years. It was selling sauces but Juan Garcia and Hector realized that the condiments they purchased from an outside supplier could last four weeks in the fridge because they weren’t added. to lose.

Juan says that “we realized they were full of conservatives” and that good sauces should be chemical-free. Juan speaks with Entrepreneur en Espanol.

These brothers were inspired by the weekly Garcia family meetings, where they share their traditional recipes and make sauces. These homemade sauces were created by entrepreneurs less than one year ago and offered an alternative to packaged goods.

Juan recalls how the product was introduced to his local branch. This is.

Image: Courtesy Juan Garcia

Juan proposed that his family use the “so colourful” names because they have their roots in beautiful Mexican family history. Juan was also the one who suggested that all Mexican families should adopt those names.

My father, Hector Garcia (whose real name was Hector Garcia), worked in America for many years and didn’t know English. Juan exaggeratedly said that he was not a joker and would always answer them with the words he could understand.

His family’s green sauce with habaneros gave rise to the third name, “asupichimaye”.

Super Carniceria 18 now receives orders from the United States and other countries thanks to its unique branding strategy.

What is the importance of having a great name

Name choice is undoubtedly a key factor in the success of the Garcia sauces. Name is the key marketing tool that entrepreneurs need to be known. Jose Mervyn is an innovation strategist with the collective intelligence agency Tekio.

Expert says that the name of the product is what defines it. It should reflect your new offer to the market and the most significant quality of the product.

To help you choose a quality product, the business and entrepreneurial expert Yanik silver has 7 key points to consider:

1. 1. The name must sound great when spoken aloud

2. 2. Use names that have meaning and offer a benefit

3. Make sure you use a word that is usable in real life and not only on the internet.

4. Unless you’re a huge brand such as IBM or HSBC, don’t use your initials

5. Use specific names and don’t use generic names.

6. To make this work online, you can try it out on Google AdWords or on social networks

7. Register it

The most frequent mistake with brands is to not check if it exists. It is easy to think of a name that we like, but it soon gains popularity on the streets. We quickly realize it does not exist and leave behind the efforts we made to create it, warns the Tekio expert.

Juan Garcia says that Super Carniceria 18 has seen an increase in its sales and they’re looking at alternatives for shipping long distances.

We want to make more sales, but we have a simpler goal: To give our sauces a unique flavor that is truly home-made.

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