Roy Kent CGI conspiracies finally proven false by Ted Lasso, who chugging chocolate milk

He is here, he is there, he has everything, and he is definitely real. Brett Goldstein (aka Ted Lasso fan favourite Roy Kent) joined Jimmy Kimmel before the Emmys to talk about his nomination. They also discussed going from the writer’s room to the starring role and the strange internet rumor that it’s a computer generated character.

Kimmel told him that he was shocked to learn that he had been CGI. Kimmel said that he had seen many sci-fi movies and started feeling like “Maybe I am?” Because they implanted memories that would make me believe I was not, right?

Kimmel devised a strategy to aid Goldstein in his existential crisis. He challenged him to drink frosty chocolate milk from a glass — something that CGI characters cannot do. Plain milk is another matter.

Goldstein discussed also his talent for swearing, a hobby that he enjoys playing Roy at work.

He laughed and said, “It has always been my dream to get paid for this.” It’s something I am good at. You’ve gotta use your talents.”

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