Simon Calder’s thoughts on the changes in travel rules and confusion expected to occur today

Over the last 18 months, Britons have been subject to many changes in rules and regulations. The Government has struggled to find the right balance between the needs of the country’s health and the desire to travel internationally.

Airlines are available to book holidays and flights, particularly for half-term breaks.

This is great news for holidaymakers but there might be some downsides to this good news, such as a lower red list and the elimination of PCR testing.

Simon stated: “We are also hearing rumours.

It’s possible that unvaccinated travelers might need to be quarantined even though they are coming from low-risk countries.


The new potential rule could effectively block a small number of Britons from traveling abroad.

Simon said: “At this moment, if your are not jabbed, and you’re returning from Croatia, Germany, or Malta, there is no self-isolation. We’re hearing that could change, and you may need to be placed in quarantine.

Although this could be extremely bad for Britons who are not vaccinated, it was generally a positive outlook.

Simon stated: “We want a lot less uncertainty, simplicity, and maybe, something more affordable and simpler to organize.”

They said, “Sorry. You can’t travel to Portugal without quarantining anymore.”

He said, “It’s completely confusing, chaotic and incoherent.”

The PCR test will be scrapped and the red listing reduced. This could allow the travel industry to have simplified rules moving forward.

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