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Skift Take

Where is the future of travel? has a brand new website.

We unwrapped the redesign, which is our main website.

Everybody says that they clear out clutter when redesigning, and we agree. It was also important to be able to easily find out all the new things we have done and how they’ve expanded our product offering since 2016. Our Access page is a great place to demonstrate this. It contains all our subscriptions in one location. We wanted our subscribers to be able to find the best plan for them as quickly and easily as possible.

Our story pages have a new, minimalistic design. These pages were designed to quickly get news to readers. The font sizes have been increased, making them easier to read, as well as ensuring accessibility. Based on extensive reader research, we have simplified our navigation menus and made them more user-friendly.

We wanted the homepage to be easier for you to find all that we are doing. You will find more headlines with the most recent news and links to Skift Pro’s exclusive stories. Also, you can read our Editor’s picks. You can listen to the Skift Daily Briefing podcast or click through to see our SkiftX creative work.

We are dependent on advertising support from our partners, therefore we created our Skift promo units and ad placements to help industry readers instead of being intrusive.

We will make similar changes in the next months to other products, including Skift Research and EventMB.

It’s been a gradual launch for the past few months. There’s a good chance that we’ve missed something. Email us to report an error or to fix it.

Thank you to DesignRocket‘s Kajal Gal and her team for making this UX possible. We also want to acknowledge our marketing, creative and development teams that hustled during a busy time to launch and build this.

Publited Sat, 18 September 2021 at 00:07.36 +0000

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