These design apps by Pixarra will bring your digital canvas to life

TL:DR: As of September 17, the Studio Bundle3:7-App Art Design Bundle has a 49% discount.

You’ve already got the talent, but these seven design apps — created exclusively for artists — will help you take your work to the next level, and centralise it on a digital platform. This studio bundle includes access to the best programs, editing tools, brushes, and more to truly make your art come alive.

Seven Pixarra apps will be available to you, including Paint Studio 3. This app allows you to create natural media paintings or draw using a very simple interface. The program’s interface is simple, so that you can concentrate on what matters most: your creativity.

You will also receive Blob Studio3. This software focuses on creating individual objects in Pro Studio. You can model, shape and paint your objects with the Blob Brushes. After you have created your object, you can shape and edit them as many times as necessary. Design ideas are more vivid when there is a wider range of colours.

Luminance Studio 3 allows you to focus on creating luminance in both your natural media as well as your design style. You can create your vision faster than ever with over 140 specialist brushes and automated solutions.

The bundle includes Tree Studio 3, Liquid Studio 3 and Pixel Studio 3. Selfie Studio 3 completes the package. The bundle includes apps for pixel art and individual object creation in Pro Studio. You can also do photo editing to make your artwork exactly what you need. The full range of editing and digital painting tools will change how you work on your computer over the course of your entire life. It can make it much easier to transform your thoughts into art.

These 7 art design apps normally retail at PS57. However, for a short time you can get all seven for PS28.92 — 49% less than the normal retail price.

Credit: Pixarra

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