This cloud-based discount tool makes it easier to write.

TL:DR: As of September 17, the WriterDuet screenwriting pro plan has a 60% discount.

Writing a story, book, or screenplay is already a huge undertaking. Your tools and processes shouldn’t make it harder. With the right tools — like


— you can work smarter while churning out your story. And you’re in luck because, for a limited time, you can snag a three-year subscription for under £80 to help you out.

WriterDuet allows you to brainstorm, organize, and create mindmaps for your project, so that you stay focused and on the right track. WriterDuet allows you to write in standard formats, and provides access to all production tools. You can start by laying out your ideas. Then you can organize, brainstorm and create index cards to help with your project. Once you are ready to write, it is easy to stay focused and keep your story on the right track.

AuthorDuet was designed for collaboration. You can collaborate with your writing partner at any time. You can also use the in-app text and video chat features. To communicate with your friends, you don’t have to go outside the app. The app integrates your beat sheets and treatments and organizes them so that rewriting is a snap. This software allows you to create unlimited projects and collaborate with unlimited numbers of other writers. You can even work offline or online! So that you are always inspired, it’s easy to access all your work on any device.

You shouldn’t make your story difficult. Get a 3-year subscription from WriterDuet to increase your focus and productivity while you write. You can get the PS180 priced down for a very limited period of time at only PS72.30

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