Update on travel: In just weeks, expensive PCR tests were scrapped by the government for twice-vaccinated Britons

Overpriced testing companies have been criticized by the travel industry and the general public. Pre-depature testing will now be conducted starting October 4, with other restrictions being eased in October.

Grant Shapps stated that “We are making travel testing more simple.” If you are fully vax, you don’t have to take a pre-departure screening before arriving in England.

“And later in October we will be able replace the day 2 PCR test by a more affordable lateral flow.”

It is not known when PCR tests will be replaced with lateral flow tests.

Many people have been turned off by PCR testing, especially families.

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Experts in travel have stated that they expect the new regulations on after-arrival PCR testing to be in effect for half-term October holidays.

In the most recent update, eight countries were also removed from the red travel list.

Turkey, Oman and Egypt were all removed from the red-list.

Also, the amber list was scrapped. There is now one red and one Rest of World lists for all other destinations.


Red-sea travelers returning to their home countries will need to be quarantined in a government hotel for eleven nights.

Every country that is not listed on the red or ‘Rest of World list’ lists will see its traffic lights updated starting October 4.

Passengers returning from the rest of the world will be able to fly without a pre-departure vaccination starting October 4.

Grant Shapps stated that “Now, we have so many people vaccinated – perhaps nine of ten adults – it gives us additional freedoms.”

However, some scientists are concerned about the changes. Cignpost Test founder Denis Kinane was worried about new versions being introduced in the UK.

Express.co.uk was informed by him that he welcomed plans to reduce travel restrictions, especially around traffic lights.

However, the decision to abandon gold-standard PCR tests for lateral flow is a calculated risk and could lead to new Covid variants in Britain.

Cignpost data currently shows that 4 out of 1,000 individuals are positive for the disease after arriving in Britain. Every one of these people had allegedly already taken a negative lateral flow test abroad.

Publited Fri, 17 Sep 2021 at 16:45:01 (+0000).

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