Virgin Media warns customers that downloading the movie could result in a fine

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>Virgin Media customers are being sent letters from lawyers who are demanding money to make potential legal action go away. Voltage Holdings from the US is reaching out to Virgin Media users and other ISPs. They have been granted permission by the High Court of the UK to reach out to alleged Internet pirates. Voltage Holdings states that it can bring court proceedings against the receiver for sharing an alleged Hollywood movie via BitTorrent.

The movie is Ava 2020, which features Jessica Chastain. It was legally streamable on Netflix.

Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>TorrentFreak, says legal action could be taken against the recipient in a civil court.

Voltage would have to prove its allegations. However, if Voltage doesn’t wish to take legal action they may agree to a cash settlement.

Voltage doesn’t know exactly how much money they want from Virgin users.

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The settlement might cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

It reads, “This letter assumes you as the account holder of the infringing IP address were the user on those dates and times when Ava was not shared with VOLTAGE.” This letter gives you the opportunity to deny or admit that BitTorrent was used in connection to Ava.

“VotAGE can bring legal proceedings against you because file-sharing was illegal. If it can prove that you were the one who did the file sharing or if someone you authorized or permitted to use your broadband connection to do so, VOLTAGE has the right to file charges against you.

“This claim would go before an Intellectual Property Enterprise court (a civil specialist court), where liability will be determined according to the balance of probabilities. VOLATGE would have to prove the allegations of infringement.

Voltage gives recipients 14 days for their response to Lewis Silkin’s law firm.

This news follows in July when Voltage Holdings received a High Court Order requiring Virgin Media to turn over subscribers information for people who allegedly downloaded or shared Voltage films without their permission.

TorrentFreak was also informed by a spokesperson from the UK ISP that Voltage had received subscriber data.

Virgin Media representative said that they take customer privacy and security very seriously. Virgin Media will never disclose any customer data to anyone unless required by law or a Court order.

Voltage Pictures received a Court Order in this instance. This means that a small percentage of Virgin Media customers might now be receiving correspondence from the organisation. The Court has yet to make any copyright violation findings against customers who have received a letter. The Court will decide this matter in any future claim.

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